Global Edge

globalEDGE™ was designed and developed by MSU-CIBER at Michigan State University. It is a knowledge web-portal that connects international business professionals and scholars worldwide to a wealth of information, insights, learning resources on global business activities, calls for papers and events related to international business.

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Pacific Hub

The Pacific Hub was established at the Griffith Asia Institute in 2020 and provides a suite of resources focused on the Pacific islands region, including research, events, professional services, expert commentary and a weekly bulletin. The Hub offers an inter-disciplinary perspective, recognising the interplay of culture, history, trade, diplomacy and geography, and showcasing diverse voices across the region.

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International Business Indices

This list of indices of interest to international business scholars and students was prepared by Professor Betty Jane Punnett (with input from AIB colleagues) – November 2017.

(Under construction: hyperlinks will be added gradually)

Big Mac Index

Business Climate Ranking

Corruption Perceptions Index

DHL: Global Connectedness Index

Ease of Doing Business Index

Emerging Market Potential index

Environmental Performance Index

Foreign Direct Investment Confidence Index

Fragile States Index

GINI Index (Income Inequality)

Global Cities Index

Global Competitiveness Rankings

Global Financial Stress Index

Global Gender Gap Index

Global Risk Index

Global Talent Competitiveness Index

Global Peace Index

Global Services Location Index

Global Social Tolerance Index

Globalization Index

Happy Planet Index

Human Freedom Index

Ibrahim Index of African Governance

Index of Economic Freedom

International Property Rights Index

Market Potential Index

Networked Readiness Index

OECD Better Life Index

Political Risk Index

Press Freedom Index

United Nations Human Development Index

World Justice Project: Rule of Law Index

World Risk index

Worldwide Governance Index